Take a look at yourself.

What’s the impression that you are giving to the world?

How a business is seen is fundamental to its success.

At Aye! a lot of the projects that we work on, all we’re really doing is changing the identity of that business. We’re changing how it's seen. More often than not, the business stays the same: same people, same office and same culture. What does change though, is how that business presents itself

When we’re working on a branding project, we start by asking lots of questions to get to the core of that business.

We speak to employees, management, customers, suppliers and sometimes, the competition.

We’re trying to find out how that business is perceived.

And, what’s always interesting, is that when we ask business owners how they want to be seen, how they look, rarely reflects what they said.

To give an example – they are market leaders; but don’t look or sound like it. Or they charge premium prices; but they look cheap.

What customers see, is not how the business wants to be seen.

It's sending the wrong message.

If a business looks cheap, they get customers expecting cheap. If they don’t sound like market leaders, will people see them as market leaders?

And that’s sometimes where a lot of the results come from.

By defining how that business wants to be seen, and bringing that to life, it changes perceptions, it communicates the right message, and positions that organisation for success.

So today, take a look at yourself, and remember that whatever communication you are putting out to the marketplace, is it sending the right impression?